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Torch-On Roofing Roodepoort

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The benefits of Torch-On Roofing:

 Strong and Durable

Expect a long life up to 20 years if torch on roof if installed by a professional home improvement company.
Your torch-on waterproofing will need less repairs because it is tear and puncture resistant. It is fire resistant and with the additional coatings, it can be even more fireproof.

Long Term Value

Torch on waterproof is not the cheapest option but with the long term value it offers it is a smart choice. It is designed to protect against all weather conditions and is resistant to tears and leaks.

Easy to Apply

Torch on waterproofing can be applied quickly and efficiently by your chosen contractor.

torch on waterproofing

Where is Torch-On Waterproofing used?

A Torch-on system is applied to a concrete roof. A Concrete roof repair is necessary due to the concrete that is susceptible to scaling, cracking, crazing, spalling, and other issues with wear and tear.

Made from a mixture of bitumen and polymers, it is heat applied to a fiberglass or polyester membrane. As this modified bitumen sheeting is easily cut to fit, it will conveniently stretch around odd corners and angles.


Discuss the latest product offerings with Benico your local Roodepoort water proofing contractor to find the waterproofing method best suited to your requirements.


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