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Good fences make good neighbours...

Boundary wall and fences indicate the dividing line where one property ends and another begins, and designates the responsibility relating to these properties. Consequently, they don’t just help you maintain harmonious relationships, but aid in the settlement of possible property disputes.

However, to demarcate your property and secure your loved ones can be a costly process.

Benico Home Improvements offers a variety of boundary wall and fencing solutions. Below are a few of the typical walling and fencing options available

  • Precast Walling - this is a very popular option.
  • Palisade Fencing - this a great fencing option to secure your property.
  • Concrete Walling - these are custom built to match your property.
  • Brick wall fence - this is a low maintenance solution.
  • Retainer Walls.

Concrete walling constructed by Benico Home Improvements in Krugersdorp
Concrete walling.

So let’s take a look at some widely different but fairly inexpensive options...

Precast Concrete Walls

This boundary wall’s cost is low and the quality is high. Installation is fast, easy and uncomplicated, yet it is amazingly durable, long-lasting, and simple to maintain.

Precast walls are cast and cured in a factory. This means the concrete's quality is precisely standardized. This ensures that your wall will be solid and durable, even in our harsh South African climate.

Furthermore, precast walling is wind resistant, fireproof, insect-proof, and rustproof; nor will they rot, mold, fade, or warp with time. Yet they are strong enough to serve as a retaining wall.

This type of wall is faster and less costly to install than the conventional wood, bricks, blocks, or poured-in-place concrete wall. The installation process requires less equipment, which equates to minimal disruption to your property. Accordingly, you will have less of a mess to clean up afterwards.

An added bonus is their flexibility. You can dismantle and reassemble your precast wall wherever you choose, should any of your requirements change.

The repair of this type of wall is a breeze, since you can simply replace individual parts if damaged. Quick, simple, inexpensive and no unsightly patches to mar the appearance of your wall.

Additionally, precast walls are no longer the ugly stepsister to the brick, plastered wall. Nowadays, precast concrete is available in finishes that mimic traditional fencing materials such as wood, brick or stone.

Besides all the obvious benefits, a precast wall can aid in noise reduction. The concrete can absorb or reflect sound. So, if you live in a noisy neighborhood, or just need the peace and quiet, precast concrete walls should be your choice. Contact us now to get a free estimate on precast walling costs for your property.

Brick Walls

Brick walls are a very popular boundary wall option. A custom brick wall is a great way to grace your entrance way or boundary line. It will also add significant value to your property.

Whether build to match the bricks of the house or office park or to create a separate feature of the property, we can assist you with your brick wall requirements. The brick wall options and style are only limited by your imagination.

Contact us now for a free estimate on boundary walls.

Palisade Fencing

Robust and affordable, this type of fencing presents its own unique advantages.

Palisades are normally constructed from galvanized steel, wood or concrete, with steel the top choice of most home owners. Often tipped with spiked elements, its appearance is by design a deterrent to would be intruders.

Installation is fairly painless as the structure consists of little more than posts, horizontal rails and numerous wooden or metal slats known as pales. As a result, it requires minimal tools and steps to install, though you need to allow time for concrete to set after planting the posts.

A palisade fence is a great home security investment. It is difficult to climb and virtually indestructible, with the added bonus that thieves cannot hide behind it.

Palisade fences are available in a variety of lengths or can be custom made to specification. Moreover, a choice of head designs allows you some choice in the aesthetic appearance of the fence, as well as additional difficulty for anyone trying to climb the fence. Single pointed, triple pointed, rounded or straight cut are some of the options.

As an added benefit, you can adapt palisade fencing to cope with uneven ground or irregular perimeters. It also easily attaches to other walls or to buildings.

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