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Tired of parking your car in the sun and rain every day, but not enough money for a garage? Or is your patio too hot to enjoy during the summer months? Is the sun scorching your favourite lounge chair? Then a shadeport or awning could be the answer to your dilemma.

Benico offers the installation of all types of shades and carports in the West Rand Area.

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Shadeports, Awnings & Carports


At a fraction of the cost of building a garage, you can have a carport installed on your property. Not only will it provide cover against the elements, but will increase the value of your home.

Solid or steel carports provide you with the assurance that your vehicle will not sustain damage in our infamous Highveld hail storms. Furthermore, the next deluge won’t see you fumbling to open your umbrella in the car, whilst kicking the door open for your mad dash into the house.

Today’s carports offer you an attractive finish as well as the surety that it won’t blow away in the first strong breeze. Moreover, you won’t have third degree burns from touching the steering in summer. On top of that they offer UV protection from our African sun, so your interior will endure much longer.

Do check with your local municipality prior to the installation, as you might require planning permission to erect a solid structure. Assuredly your local Roodepoort company will advise you on the necessary steps to take.

Shade ports

Shadeports are truly multipurpose covers that serve a multitude of functions. You can erect one to keep your car in the shade, protect your pool from falling debris, provide shelter for your walkway or screen a garden area.

Nowadays, shade ports are available in an assortment of colours to compliment your home and add to your curb appeal. Accordingly, at the height of summer, you no longer need to call the kids inside when UV exposure is at its worst, but they can continue cavorting outside under the shade port.

Your shade port may be free standing or attached to your property. Additionally, you could consider a shade cover that matches the colour of your house, creating the impression of a natural extension of the home.

There is such a selection of designs to choose from, that it is difficult to estimate what your outlay will be. The price of shade ports varies according to the size, material and the complexity of your design.



Why not mount an awning to your patio wall and gain a whole new entertainment area? You will have the benefit of enjoying your patio for longer periods if you shield it from the sun and rain. What’s more, some patio covers are retractable, which means you can still bask in the sun on those chilly autumn days. Or, retract your patio awning during winter months to warm up that part of your home that is normally in the shade.

Alternatively, awnings are also available in adjustable louvres, dome shapes and numerous other innovative forms and designs. Use them over windows, doors or over any area you need to protect from the elements.

The installation of an awning, for example, will shade your windows from direct sunlight. Consequently, less heat is transferred to your home, resulting in a more energy efficient environment. This in turn will extend the life of your curtains, upholstery and flooring, as you will eliminate UV degradation.  With the approach of colder weather, simply retract your awning and let the heat flow in.

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In short, carports, shadeports and awnings are a durable and attractive way to enhance your lifestyle.

Protect your loved ones, transform your deck or patio and cover your car in style at an affordable price today. Contact us for a free quote.

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