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Pool Renovations

Are you wanting to renovate your pool?

We at Benico are able to assist you with your pool renovations. With the cost of pool construction in recent years, it is often more cost effective to renovate your pool than opting for a brand new one.

A careful evaluation of the condition and performance of your existing pool structure, equipment and mechanical systems including filtration and recirculation would be the first step in the process.

We will guide you on the best options available to you for your swimming pool renovations so that the cost thereof falls within your budget.

Pool resurfacing options:

Concrete pools

  • Marbelite.

Marble plaster is the most common surface used in domestic pools and can last for many years with regular water chemical balancing.

The plaster is normally applied as a white surface which appears blue when filled with water.

It is interesting to note that black and charcoal pools are no longer fasionable.

  • Quartzon

Quartzon coloured quartz chip plaster is another option for replastering your pool.

The colour provided by the quartz chip is colour fast and provides a pleasing effect. It can last for many years with correct water balance.

  • Pebblecrete

Pebblecrete is another plastered surface option which uses a combination of pebbles and plaster.

  • Painting pool

Painting the surface of your pool. This is normally painted with an epoxy based paint. This however will require repainting within 7-10 years.

  • Resurfacing pool

Resurfacing your swimming pool with fibreglass. This gives your pool the same effect as an installed fibreglass pool with the same advantages making it easier to maintain and therefore more cost effective.

Fibreglass pools

Although they are easy to maintain as they do not stain or chip, these pools require a resurface and top coat after 15 - 20 years.

We will resurface your fibreglass pool by sanding the pool, checking for and repairing any cracks or holes. It will then be cleaned with acetone to remove all dust so that it may be re-sprayed and last for another 15 -20 years.

Fibreglass is warmer to start with and easier to heat than a marbelite or gunite pool and more cost effective to maintain.

Vinyl Pools

By replacing the vinyl liner, metal walls and fittings it restores these pools to a new condition.

Reduce the size of your swimming pool. Pool reductions

  • Filling in part of the pool which is quite a costly exercise; or
  • Installing decking but there could be implications if too large an area is covered. You have to ensure that you can still brush the pool under the deck and there is the possibility of children hitting their heads on the deck which is extremely dangerous.

Extend your entertainment area.

By installing a deck over the pool which would allow you to walk under the deck so that you may still be able to clean the pool and it would pose no danger to swimmers.

Pool Deck

You might consider installing a wooden deck rather than paving which is very popular making a significant change to your pool area. The wooden deck may be installed on top of your existing paving.

We can give you advice on the various options available to you which will enhance the pool surround.

Swimming pool lighting

There are two options available for lighting your swimming pool :

  • Traditional incandescent globes
  • LED globes

If you are redoing the lighting in your swimming pool, you should consider using LED lighting. LED lights also have various colour options and they draw less electricity thereby reducing your swimming pool running costs.

We will advise you on the positioning of your lights and your choice of colour of your LED lights. A colour-changing LED light will not be effective on a pool with a dark finish.

Swimming pool heating.

As you are renovating your swimming pool, you might consider heating your pool. There are three options available for heating your pool :

  • Solar panels
  • Heat pump
  • Heating blanket which is a necessity with a heat pump

For solar panels to work effectively, you would have to live in an area which gets enough sunlight. We can offer you advice on the best heating option for your swimming pool and the most cost effective method.

By remodelling your pool with new accessories such as lights, tiles and coping, your pool will look like new again and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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