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Paving Roodepoort

How To Maintain Paving. Whatever the material used, all driveway, patio, and pathway paving requires some tender loving care now and then. Whether your driveway is made of stone, bricks, blocks, concrete, or something completely different. Cleaning, sealing and weed control are the main components of a paver maintenance plan. It’s well worth the time […]

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Counter Tops

How to Clean Counter Tops How to Clean Wood Countertops Scrub the countertops with a sponge. Use the rough side of the sponge to remove any stains. Wet the sponge with hot water and use a little bit of mild dish soap to clean the countertops while you scrub. Once you done, be sure to […]

renovating bathroom

Bathroom Renovating Ideas

Renovating Ideas The first thing you should do is measure and draw out your existing bathroom on a sheet of squared paper. Try to be as accurate as you can because every inch might count depending on what you want to get in your new bathroom and how much space you have to play with. […]



Picking new kitchens is an exciting time. New kitchen cupboards will give your kitchen a whole new look! They will give a new life to the heart of your home, and if bought correctly, they can last years to come. Budget The first thing to consider is your budget. Your budget will decide the whole […]

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Pool Renovate

Pool Renovate Whether you’re looking for a simple pool renovate, or like to upgrade to the pool of your dreams, our staff can make it happen. Call now to get your free estimate! Questions and answers about pool renovate. Can a granite pool be renovated to a vinyl liner pool? One of the most common […]

Boundry walls and Fence Krugersdorp

Fencing Roodepoort

Types of Fencing. A great place to start your fencing plans is checking out examples, styles, types, and features. The boundaries between your assets mark where your rights end and your neighbours’ begin.  A boundary wall is built to provide a total of functions that including security, privacy, and structural dividing. What type of fencing […]