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Roof Repair & Re-Roofing

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Prevention is better than no roof at all. Regular inspect your roof for damage and if it proofs necessary have your roof repair done by a reputable roofing company such as Benico Home Improvements.

Check for broken or loose tiles and assess your flashing and fascia boards for deterioration. Examine your corrugated or IBR roofing for missing roof screws, rust or loose sheeting.

Roof Repair Services

Leaking Roof

Leaking Roof: Think like a drip

A leak in the roof is not necessarily directly over the stain in your ceiling. Water may travel along the ceiling for quite a distance before dropping. Hence, you will need to climb into the roof and find the source of the problem. Once detected, measure the distance to a landmark, so that you can locate the damaged area on the roof.

You should attend to any drip or leak as soon as you are able. Even a small leak can lead to big problems, like damaged ceilings, rotting rafters and destroyed insulation. Structural damage will follow. So, call Benico your Roodepoort roofing experts for leak detection and repair services.

The cost of repair will be much lower than having to replace it.

Roof Replacement

We’ve already established that regular maintenance can prolong the life of your roof. Unfortunately, the time might arise that replacement is your only option. Depending on the damage, this could mean solely the cladding or the entire roof structure.

Old houses abound in South Africa. Replacement of your ageing, sagging roof could not only increase the value of your property, but give you the opportunity to change the entire façade of your home.

Consider slate or clay tiles, IBR or corrugated roofing, Chromodeck or concrete tile. Benico roofers will be able to advise you on whether your structure will bear the load of your chosen covering.


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Roof Installation

Whether you are having an entire new roof installed, including trusses and beams, or just re-roofing, it is very important to use a qualified roofing contractor.

This sounds obvious, but be sure to look out for the following if you want value for money:

Written Roofing Quote

Obtain a written quote that includes all material and job details. You do not want to be surprised by sudden extras.

Ask your roofers how long the job will take. You need to know how many people will be on your site and an estimated time of completion.

Roof Warrantee

Ensure that the contractor will guarantee his work. You don’t want to spend even more money fixing problem areas he has neglected.

Reliable Roofing contractor

Did they come and inspect your property thoroughly? Did they answer all your questions and return your calls? If you did not receive their quote timeously, how can you expect them to finish the job on time?

The same goes for choosing an established local Roodepoort contractor.

Make sure the company has been operating in the area for a while and can show you a portfolio of some of his work.  It is senseless receiving a guarantee for five years if it’s a fly by night outfit.

Considerate & Careful Roofers

Enquire as to what steps they take to protect the rest of your house during the installation process.  You want to be certain your landscaping will not suffer either.

Furthermore, the clean-up process should leave your site exactly as the contractor found it.

Insured Roofers

Verify that your roofing service has the proper insurance. You do not want to be liable for the hospitalisation of one of his workers.

Benico Home Improvements strife to not only meet but exceed these criteria when contracted to take care of your roofing problem.

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In conclusion, remember that your roof makes up about a third of the house. In truth, it is the third that protects you from the elements.

It saves you money on heating and cooling. A quality roof will increase the value of your property and heighten your curb appeal.

Accordingly, maintain, repair and look after it, so it can guard over you.

Contact us for a free estimate for any type of roof repair or roof installation.

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