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You’ve finally decided to have the alterations done to your home that you’ve always hankered for. Maybe you have a bundle of joy on the way and need an additional room. Or perhaps you crave a bigger kitchen, an en suite bathroom or a larger garage. Benico your local Roodepoort building contractor can do the job for you. Contact us now for a free quote for building renovations.

Building Contractor Tips

Before you begin making changes, consider the following advice.

Home Alterations - Planning Permission

In South Africa, all structural changes to your home require planning permission. No building contractor worth his salt will touch your home alteration if this is not in place.

In the event you contract that guy down the road, who will build you a new garage without planning permission, be aware that you will suffer a dilemma selling without the proper plans.

The Building Contractor Quote

So, you’re ready to proceed with the building process. The only snag is, you’ve obtained three quotes from different Roodepoort construction companies and they differ vastly in price. Of course, you’re tempted to accept the lowest, but this might not always be the best decision.

Firstly, verify that every contractor has provided you with a complete breakdown of material and labour costs. You do not need the surprise of additional outlay half way through the building project.

Moreover, ensure the quote does not harbour any hidden costs that may be added later. If there is a vague mention of unspecified charges, beware.

Home Alterations Payment Schedule

Make sure that you are content with the payment schedule your building contractor stipulates. Depending on the extent of your home alterations, your builder might ask for a small upfront settlement. A further amount could follow halfway through the building process, with the balance payable on completion.

If the construction company insists on the entire amount beforehand, you should unquestionably reconsider.

Additionally, never fork out the final amount if the contractor did not complete the project to your satisfaction.  Remember that the power of your purse might be the only obstacle between you and a favourable outcome to a dispute over the quality of your alteration.

Building Time Schedule

Ascertain when the building company will commence with the renovation and what the estimated completion date will be. Ensure that he provides you with a time line of when certain goals should be reached.

Building Material

Depending on the nature of your proposed home renovation, you may feel the need to purchase your own material. In some instances, this could save you some money. Keep in mind, though, that your building contractor may be able to obtain discount from his regular supplier. Moreover, he might buy in bulk, which could be a cost saver. So, be sure to compare your prices with him.

Communication with Building Contractor

As with every relationship, it is crucial to keep a clear line of communication with your building contractor. Provide concise guidelines, so that there is no ambiguity about your requirements. Equally so, you need to convey any uncertainties about his progress or lack thereof, so that concerns can be rectified timeously.

In conclusion, always employ a qualified construction company such as Benico Home Improvement, that will proudly display their credentials.  Verify that they have insurance and can guarantee their work. Ultimately you require a builder you can trust to put your best interests first.

Here’s wishing you perfect alterations and hassle free renovations!

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