Pool Renovate

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Pool Renovate

Whether you’re looking for a simple pool renovate, or like to upgrade to the pool of your dreams, our staff can make it happen. Call now to get your free estimate!

Questions and answers about pool renovate.

Can a granite pool be renovated to a vinyl liner pool?

One of the most common questions we received is about renovated the granite pool to a vinyl liner pool.

One of the most common reasons that a concrete pool owner would like to install a liner in their pool because of an ongoing leak situation.

This is not a DIY project that you can complete with stock liners and off the shelf parts.

Can I move my pump and filter it to a different area?

Definitely, but the best time to move a pump and filter system to a different area is when you do a pool renovate. We recommend a location where it won’t be seen or heard but is easily accessible.

This is normally on the side of the house or behind a garden shed.

How will I know it’s time to renovate my pool?

  • Plaster is rough on feet
  • The coping is damaged
  • Discolored or cracked plaster
  • Tiles are outdated, discolored, damaged or falling off

Why do swimming pools crack?

  • Poor workmanship.
  • Soils issues.
  • The pool is not properly designed and engineered.
  • Not Level.
  • The pool can crack if it is finished on a hot, dry or windy day, or if it took too long to fill the pool with water.

What are some ways that I can renovate my pool area to add value to my home?

There is a lot of pool renovate ideas that a builder can add to your pool that enhances the pool area while adding value to your home.

Waterfalls roodepoort


Glow in the Dark Mosiac Tiles roodepoort

Glow in the dark mosiac tiles

fountains roodepoort


Gas Powered Firepots roodepoort

Gas powered firepots

pavers roodepoort


pool renovate roodepoort

Add eye-catching LED lights

Pool Pavers Decking roodepoort

Pool pavers decking

Salt water system roodepoort

Saltwater system

pool renovations roodepoort

Solar heating panels

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